Professional Moms is dedicated to three core values: ENCOURAGE - EDUCATE - ASSOCIATE

We strive to ENCOURAGE each woman in her individual choice to focus on family first while pursuing her gifts and talents in the business world. At each meeting we aim to EDUCATE the group regarding a specific topic pertaining to the various aspects of juggling family and career and recognize that this balance is unique to each individual. We seek to ASSOCIATE with other like-minded women in order that we may be mutually beneficial to one another, both in business and in personal circumstances.

Professional Moms is open to ALL women, and no membership or on-going commitment is required. Guests are always encouraged to invite friends, but advanced registration for all events is required

Attending Professional Moms events is a privilege and not a right. Our Code of Conduct expectations require that each participant will always treat her fellow Professional Moms, guests, venue staff, Ambassadors and Administrators with kindness, integrity, honesty, respect, fairness and in good faith. As such, the Leadership of each Chapter (Administrative Team and Chapter Ambassadors) respectfully reserves the right to turn away any potential participant for any reason as determined by majority of Leadership.

During every monthly luncheon, each attendee will be given an opportunity to briefly share information about her product or service with the group, and the floor is always open to spirited questions and positive discussions. We ask that each attendee only mention the business/industry for which she has registered. In other words, if you have multiple streams of income and/or are a representative/distributor for multiple companies, we ask that you refrain from discussing those alternate businesses while at the luncheon nor on our social media forums.

Professional Moms offers a Fall Session (Sept - Oct - Nov) and a Winter/Spring Session (Jan - Feb - Mar - April - May). It is requested that a participant represent the same company and same industry within any given session. In other words, if a participant registers to represent XYZ Jewelry at the September luncheon, she is not allowed to then register for ABC Cosmetics at the October luncheon within any respective chapter. She must wait until the following session to represent a separate company/industry. She is also not allowed to submit any posts/comments on the private group or event pages that does not align with the company/industry that she is representing during the current session. Each chapter is its own entity, so any lady may represent one endeavor at Chapter A and another endeavor at Chapter B within the same session.

Each luncheon is expected to be a positive zone for all participants, an arena where each can comfortably present her ideas while receiving encouraging, constructive feedback from other attendees in order to improve her presentations and business interactions

We love animals, however, pets are not allowed at any Professional Moms gathering out of respect for all attendees and for our venue. Exceptions will be made for registered service animals for those with physical disabilities and does not include “emotional support animals” as per the Americans with Disabilities Act

We also love children, and mothers are welcome to bring newborns restricted to carriers, however, we request that all other children be placed in safe, loving hands while mom attends this professional gathering.

Each lady is given approximately 60 seconds to share at each luncheon and is encouraged to utilize this time to not only capture the excitement of other participants about her company, but to use this opportunity as a practice ground for educating potential new clients in the future. This is not a “recruiting” environment, so please focus on sharing information about products, services, upcoming events, etc. The more well-packaged and clearly communicated oneʼs ʻ60-second commercialʼ is presented, the more effective it can be for gathering positive leads.

Professional Moms Luncheons have a guest limit of 30 participants each month as well as an Industry Protection Policy which allows for no more than two (2) representatives from the same industry and only one (1) per company at any luncheon. Participants are accepted on a “registered first” basis each month as we are NOT a “membership-based” organization.

Registration for next monthʼs luncheon will typically open to the general public within a few days following the current luncheon. Each participant in attendance will be extended an opportunity to pre-register for next monthʼs luncheon as a courtesy in order to reserve her seat prior to registration going “live” to the public. A participant may only pre-register for TWO chapter luncheons in any given month. If there is still a seat available within her company/industry at additional chapters within 72 hours of that luncheon’s date, the participant may register and attend more than two. Everyone in attendance will automatically receive a pre-registration opportunity for next monthʼs luncheon. If you know you will not be attending, please give your name to one of the Ambassadors at the end of the current luncheon. You will then be sent an electronic notification and will be given approximately 48 hours to pay for the upcoming event. Failure to complete payment prior to the event going “live” will release protection of your company and open your seat to another guest. If you are more than 10 minutes late to a luncheon, you will forfeit your pre-registration opportunity for the next month. If you are 15 minutes late, you may also forfeit your lunch order that day.

Lunch has been pre-ordered. Please do not request to make any changes to your selection the morning of the luncheon. Should you need to make adjustments or request “special dietary needs,” please contact your Regional Ambassador or one of your Chapter Ambassadors at least 72 hours prior to the event.

The educational segment of each luncheon is planned in advance and is designed for the guest speaker to EDUCATE during this time, not sell or recruit. If you have an educational topic that you would like to share with the chapter, please contact an Ambassador

Participants are encouraged to arrive early or to remain at the location following the gathering, if their personal time allows, in order to casually network and have conversations with others in the group. This would be a time when literature may be exchanged and/or products shown. A table will be provided at each luncheon where literature, catalogs and business cards may be displayed. Please refrain from blanket distribution of literature around the lunch table.

Each chapter has a private group page on facebook, and this private group is reserved for those who have already attended a luncheon. It is a great medium for advertising within the group and for sharing ideas, information, helpful events, company specials, etc, however, we request that a participant post no more than two business promotions per week. There is no limit to the number of educational, inspirational or informational posts one may make. Kindly refrain from posts on our social media platforms that directly recruit for other similar networking organizations as well as fundraising posts that are not directly related to one’s business. Our private group pages are solely reserved for any lady to advertise the business that she currently represents at the respective chapter luncheon this session. Please do not add any lady to this private group if they have not attended a luncheon for the stated chapter (in other words, if a lady attends Chapter A, she may not be added to the Chapter B group page without first attending a Chapter B luncheon).

Our two primary means of advertising the organization are word-of-mouth referrals and a Facebook Event page. Please take a few minutes to your local contacts to the facebook EVENT page for each and every monthly luncheon.…this is the best step you can take to keep your chapter thriving!

Failure to attend at least one luncheon in any given session will lead to removal from the private group page on facebook. Ex. if a participant attends in Sept., she will remain in the group for the Fall session and the entire Winter/Spring session. However, if she does not attend a single luncheon during the Winter/Spring session, she will be removed from the private group page as of June 1. Or, if she attends the April luncheon, for example, but does not attend again during the Fall session (Sept., Oct., Nov.), she will be removed as of Dec. 1.

We have a firm ‘no-cancellation’ policy. Once registered, a participant is responsible for finding her own sub should she be unable to attend for any reason. A post on the facebook event page or private group page is allowed for the purpose of finding a sub. The sub should reimburse the registered participant directly. During any given 12-month rotating period, any participant who is a “no-show” at a luncheon or cancels without finding a substitute on TWO separate occasions will not be permitted to register for any chapter until 72-hours before the event. Cancellations will be tallied across all chapters. This policy ensures that all participants are provided the opportunity to maximize the return on investment by having their businesses exposed to as many people as possible at any given luncheon.

If you have a special event/marketing idea you'd like to offer to the group, please just approach an AMB. We're open to hearing it and helping you promote your biz in unique ways!

Be sure to save and file your receipts from registration. (Check your PayPal account history and/or email for documentation). The total amount from each luncheon is tax-deductible!

Our Inclement Weather Policy states that we only postpone the monthly luncheon if the assigned school district is closed. Please find your chapter’s assigned school district listed below. If the assigned school district is in session, the luncheon will take place as planned, regardless of the weather. If the district is closed, we will hold the luncheon the following day (and so on if closed multiple days), venue permitting. The luncheon still takes place if there is merely a delay. We do not offer refunds for weather due to our commitment to the venue.

  • Beaver County - Beaver County SD
  • Bellingham - Bellingham Public Schools
  • Broken Arrow - Broken Arrow Public Schools
  • Byers - Byers 32j
  • Canton - Canton Public Schools
  • Cranberry - Seneca Valley SD
  • East Bay - Bristol/Warren Regional SD
  • Edmond - Edmond Public Schools
  • Edmond - Edmond Public Schools
  • Enid - Enid Public Schools
  • Fox Chapel - Fox Chapel SD
  • Houston Memorial - Springbranch SD
  • Hudson - Hudson SD
  • Memphis - Shelby County Schools
  • Monroeville - Gateway SD
  • Moore - Moore Public Schools
  • North Denver - North Denver SD
  • North OKC - Oklahoma City Public Schools
  • Owasso - Owasso Public Schools
  • Peters - Peters Township Public Schools
  • Robinson - Moon Area SD
  • Sewickley - Quaker Valley SD
  • South Denver - Douglas County SD
  • South Tulsa - Bixby SD
  • Upper Saint Clair - Upper Saint Clair SD
  • Weatherford - Weatherford Public Schools